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15 de septiembre de 2010

Coexistence para América

The years last we made the initiative of Solidarity, and you put a great interest in going to that blogosférico encounter that it taught much to us all.

To thus they demonstrate all blogs it that in this initiative they participated:
Each one of them left a contribution very important, deserving of its reading and mainly opened to the meditation of a as burning subject as Solidarity.

Here we summarized in an epilogue what it seemed to us this initiative and what we learned of this experience, that as they say the pure-blooded It was not turkey snot.

They left a commentary me with a new challenge yesterday, left the one it of always and he challenged me to the one of always, he knows that all we have a price and with a wink it has known to take me again to the orchard.

Angel Goatherd it has returned to convince me to send us to the emptiness in a new initiative, that without a doubt will return to be amused, instructive and mainly blogosférica.

Day 8 of October we wished that all you they speak of COEXISTENCE in its corners, they do it openly, without censorships, with freedom and sincerity, we have a very burning subject in our society again that it will give much game of opinions in the articles that you they write up.

Rules of the initiative, few and concise, to speak of COEXISTENCE day 8 of October.

Who can participate? All those that have a binnacle to publish their article and those that do not have it they will be able to send to us to Angel or me its article to publish it in our corners, easier impossible.

Where to score? It is not necessary to do it, despite and as always, we like to surprise to them with some blogosférico wink, will be able to score in the commentaries of this post or the commentaries of the article that it has published with the initiative Angel.

Thematic and Title of the Post : Coexistence, but you it can title as they want, the important thing is that in his article they tell something us on this thematic one.

And nothing else, they are simple rules affluent, without exigencies nor complications for anybody, we only wished that they participate with joy, they expose a criterion and opinion onCOEXISTENCE within the framework that you wishes.

Blog of Angel Artecar24 and from this corner, we are to them already in advance very been thankful of which they are animated to prepare its article and they publish the day 8 OF OCTOBER.

Will be worth the Trouble to participate? , in my humide opinion, I believe yes that, the reasons can be many, unite a day to the blogosfera to speak of a concrete subject he is always interesting and the different forms are observed to see a word that we used quite often in our society.

And for this year, the great surprise that as for me I will give in this corner, it will be that tenth of Lottery of Christmas that every year I share, this time will be shared with those that in this post have left to its commentary, expressing its desire and intention to participate and they do it.

(I will not count with that they have in the end not left in this post his commentary or they do not publish his article, the last year some did not do it and the work of compilation was a martyrdom).

Angel on the other hand something will also invent to surprise to them all.

IMPORTANT: They do not forget to leave to a bond with his blog in the commentaries, is impossible to locate to them if they do not leave it and day 8 of October they also leave a bond of its article so that we pruned to read it and mainly to share it.

And now I eat in the video I am going to them to request a small favor that IT DOES NOT HAVE PRICE, they spread this initiative as they create advisable so that more better people arrive at whatever, the important thing is always to participate and if we know to spread many will be animated more.


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